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NZ Winegrowers

"It is so much tidier with Ocerra now; all invoices are now coming into one central point. It's easy to distribute them with a few clicks, and we can see where they are in the workflow." – says Suzanne Hill, Financial Accountan at NZ Winegrowers.

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Yahava KoffeeWorks


“It is much easier to look at something on Ocerra compared to manually going through volumes of paper files. We no longer need to print the documents and keep them in the cabinet files. The audit trail is easily tracked and followed”, - says Paul. Davies, the owner of the business.”

Booster Financial Services

“I find that with Ocerra, we are doing it a lot quicker, especially at the month-end when we have quite a tight turnaround. It remembers everything for us, so we don’t have to look it up. Ocerra pre-populates invoice data including account codes and taxes and then saves to MYOB with the original PDF file attached”, says Natalie Tat, Corporate Accountant at Booster

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CDB Group

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“We use Ocerra daily, and we love it. It saves so much time, especially in terms of approval. All the invoice approval issues that we had are gone. Follow up is clear and easy. There is no need to print out an email or creditor invoice and manually key it in, then physically scan everything and send it off to Australia. It is instantaneous now!” - says Janette Buchanan, financial controller at Goldair Australia


“With all the information available, we can now analyse and interrogate it. For example, you might be interested in who is your main supplier, the dollar amounts spent with them or the regularity of invoices. Ocerra enables us to drill into the data and see who we are paying, how often, and how much”. - says Mark Lumsden, CFO at CDB Group

Oceania Aviation

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All the information would get input automatically into the system for our Accounts Payable team, only needing to focus on exceptions such as mismatch or invoices without Purchase Orders. Ocerra is an excellent solution that will benefit any organisation, no matter the size or complexity of invoices. - Ira Bayborodina, Project and Process Manager at Oceania Aviation.
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