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Automated data entry

for your supplier invoices

Ocerra offers an intelligent, AI-powered invoice scanning software for your supplier invoices, credit notes and rebates. 

Bills / Purchase Invoices

Credit Notes


Automated data extraction (Invoice Scanning)

Ocerra extracts all the key data from these documents, including a line-item description from multiple pages. Here’s an example of data that our engine reads and extracts from the invoice automatically:

Line-item invoice scanning example

Supplier Name, Supplier Tax Number, Invoice Number, Date, Invoice Due Date, Item Codes/SKU Codes, Purchase Order Number, Net, Tax, Total, Line-Item Totals and Quantities, Discount, Freight cost.

Did we miss anything? Let us know we'll add it for you.

Line-item auto-coding

Ocerra helps you to auto-code all the required data on the line level. Coding columns are configurable to suit your business requirements. For example:

Line-item coding invoice scanning example

GL Codes (Account), Tax Rates, Item Codes, Projects/Jobs, Sub Accounts, Tracking Categories.

You name it and we will configure it for you.

Whether your business processes 50 or 30 000 invoice documents per month, you should hire Ocerra today to free up your team from the routine, manual and error-prone job. The benefits do not stop here.

You will unlock valuable data insights, eliminate the paper trail, improve relationships with your suppliers, simplify audits, improve cash flow, reduce risks of any fraudulent activity – invoices and their digital activity are easily traceable in Ocerra.

Shall we mention that it will save money for your business? We think it is obvious. Contact us today to get started.

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