Ocerra AP automation

Pricing guide

Ocerra is a modern, cloud-based accounts payable automation software with out of the box integration options. 

✔ The monthly plan is calculated based on the number of documents processed per legal entity.

✔ Every plan comes with all features, including intelligent line-by-line data capture and automated approval workflow.

Price per document

We will calculate a monthly plan that will suit your AP needs the most.

Volume discounts are available from 5000 AP documents processed monthly.

~$0.45 per document 

Base fee per legal entity

Individual or single sign-on for authorised users.

Volume discounts are available for accountants & bookkeepers.

Unlimited users and approval workflows

Secured, approver designed access to see only assigned invoices in the workflow.

Minimum subscription plan supporting ERP integration

The minimum subscription plan includes up to 400 documents processed monthly per legal entity. 

Minimum subscription plan supporting accounting integration

The minimum subscription plan includes up to 200 documents processed monthly per legal entity. 

Onboarding & setup

We take care of you from day one and ensure you enjoy effortless onboarding while setting up Ocerra for you.

Out-of-the-box API integration

When using Ocerra made integrations: MYOB, MYOB Advanced/Acumatica & Xero.

Open API access

Open API + 2 hours consultation to get you going, documentation and sample code provided.

Odata interface

Unlock financial insights using your favourite BI tools.

$60 per month

Add as many as you like at no additional cost

From $250 per month

From $150 per month

From $650 one-off fee per entity

Learn more.

This is included with your subscription

Available at no additional cost; 2 hours free consultation

Included with your subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal entity?

A legal entity has its own legal obligations and rights, including GST/VAT number. A legal entity in Ocerra will usually have its own email address.

If you have multiple branches, please contact us. The way it is structured in Ocerra will depend on your integration. 

What do we count as a document processed?

Ocerra automatically scans and extracts data from every single document that is uploaded to the system. It can be a supplier bill, credit note, statement or any other PDF document.

While we have a soft limit on the number of documents processed, please consider these documents when selecting your monthly plan.


What is included in the setup and onboarding fee?

We deliver a personalised setup and onboarding process to suit your unique business requirements. For example:

  • Ocerra is AI-driven software, before you get started, we pre-train the AI to read your supplier invoices.

  • We monitor and train all the incoming invoices daily to ensure the system reads your invoices accurately. 

  • We’ll work with you to define the best automation workflow for your business needs and will provide a zoom workshop to your AP team on how to get started with Ocerra.​

The setup fee depends on the number of invoices, legal entities, your accounting/ERP system and a number of workflows you would like to configure.

In what currency do you charge in?

NZD for New Zealand, AUD for Australia, and USD for the rest of the world.

Do you offer professional services, e.g. custom feature development?

Yes, we do. Professional services may include custom report building, custom workflow configuration, custom feature development or custom report building upon request. These services can be also done by your ERP integrator/partner.

Are there long-term contracts?

Ocerra is a monthly subscription service without long-term contracts, so you can cancel or upgrade at anytime.

We may ask to sign up for a minimum of one year if we are working on custom features for you.