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Case Study | Oceania Aviation | Custom integration

AP Automation for Oceana Aviation


Oceania Aviation is a New Zealand owned company that operates under the Salus Aviation Group. Founded in 1992 and now has employees across multiple locations in New Zealand and Australia. The company provides a large spectrum of aviation services such as aircraft maintenance, repair, airplane sales, leasing, parts supply and more. “Fly confidently and leave the rest to us” is a company’s mission.

Oceania Aviation website.

“Ocerra is an easy-to-use AP solution that helped us to automatically process purchase invoices into our accounting system. It reads complex invoice layouts and streamlines our AP process. I can defiantly recommend Ocerra to other companies- Ira Bayborodina, Project and Process Manager at Oceania Aviation.

Processing approximately 40,000 invoices a year, Oceania needed a robust, cloud-based invoice automation solution that integrates with their accounting system.

As an Aviation organisation, they were looking for a solution that would not just attach invoices to transactions but help their Supply Chain and Finance team to accurately input information, reduce manual workarounds and de-risk processes.

Oceania invoices, transactions and inventory items have to include a very comprehensive level of detail such as part number, serial number, batch number and description.

“Ocerra offered a great solution for our requirements as the system was able to recognise all the elements and match them back to Purchase Order receipts which allowed us to seamlessly process invoices based on whether they were receipted, identify mismatches in part numbers, quantities, and prices.”

To accomplish this, the Ocerra team has used an inbuilt machine learning mechanism to train the system to recognise and read data from new invoice layouts.

“All the information would get input automatically into the system for our Accounts Payable team, only needing to focus on exceptions such as mismatch or invoices without Purchase Orders. Ocerra is an excellent solution that will benefit any organisation, no matter the size or complexity of invoices.” – says Ira.

Also, a custom integration was built to achieve a high degree of automaton. The key areas of the integration included automated synchronisation of accounts, suppliers, tax rates, inventory, purchase and job orders.

“The Ocerra team showed high expertise in the understanding of our accounting system and processes. They have delivered what we have asked and beyond, and we even consulted on other automation areas within our system” – Rab Mclean, Head of Information Technology at Oceania Aviation.

The custom dashboard was configured to help filter supplier invoices into separate buckets. All new incoming invoices were automatically sorted into each bucket following specified business rules. For example, the team could quickly view all invoices that were yet to be receipted or where purchase order lines were not matching with invoice lines. Custom invoice statuses and labels helped the team to stay organised and be more efficient.

Key business benefits

  • Integrated Ocerra with Odoo to enhance accounting capabilities and processes

  • All invoice data is centralised in one place, no more lost or missed documents

  • Invoice documents are now accessed, searched, and tracked with a few clicks

  • Invoice data instantly extracted and matched with PO line-item information

Key outcomes

  • 80% decrease in accounts payable processing time and 100% visibility

  • Reduced employee headcount and eliminated the need to hire temp data entry during peak season

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