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Purchase Orders

Manage your team’s spending and automate invoice processing all in one place.

Purchase Order automation is already available for your imported documents from your ERP or accounting software. 

We are now working on the Purchase Order module to allow you create and approve POs within Ocerra, all in one place!

✔ Create Purchase Orders in Ocerra via browser or mobile application.

✔ Automatically route for approval to eliminate delays.

✔ Ocerra matches POs to your supplier invoices automatically to speed up the approval process.

✔ Ocerra offers auto-approval for your supplier invoices if all the lines, quantities and amount are matching.

Ocerra Create Purchase Order.png

Let us know if you are interested - it will help us to build it faster!

PO Notiy Me

Purchase Order module is our work in progress.


Please fill up the contact form to show that you are interested and we'll notify you when it is ready.


Let us know let us know if you have any questions, if you wish, it will help us a lot! 

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