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Streamline your approval process

The main thing with Ocerra is that the team is no longer chasing approvers. You can track each invoice in the workflow and identify bottlenecks promptly. For example, if someone is travelling or forgotten to approve, you can clearly see where the invoice has not moved through the status,  - Janette Buchanan, Goldair

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Paper-based or email approval process is time-consuming. It has no visibility to what is going on with the invoice in real time and it adds extra hours of work to your accounting team. Often, it takes weeks to collate all the approval information together and enter it in your accounting system for payment.

This process increases the risk of errors, duplicated and missed invoices, payment delays to your suppliers including fraud risks as there is no transparency.

Ocerra offers visibility at every step of the approval process. All invoices are captured and structured with all the evidence such as purchase order line matching, receipts and other supporting documents all in one place. Adding comments on the invoice allows the team to communicate with each other, and have instant access to each record for an easy review.

How does automated approval work?

Ocerra offers a few options to get started with the automated approval

  • Start quickly with a classic workflow provided and customise it later.

  • Build custom workflow(s) following your business requirements as you go.

Classic approval workflow example

Classic approval workflow example with a
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