Automate your approval workflow for touchless invoice processing

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Paper-based approval process is time-consuming, has no visibility and adds unnecessary stress to your accounting team.

Ocerra captures supplier documents via email, extracts data, and routes it to the right person(s) in the digital workflow. Approving and validating invoice documents has never been easier.

You can customise workflow with multi-level, value-based or supplier specified rules. Or, use Purchase Order matching to approve invoices without human intervention.

Digital audit trail creates transparency and easy follow-ups. 

Add efficiency and visibility to your remote approval process


Electronically captured invoice documents save time for the entire business. No need to print paper and stress about unapproved, lost or duplicated invoices. Set up email notifications to access invoices that are waiting for approval. Communicate and share a secure online link to the document with your colleague(s).

Digital invoice approval is essential to remote teams. Getting lost in email communication while trying to approve invoices remotely is an inefficient and distracting process for everyone in the team.


Validate and approve invoice documents online with a click the a button, at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. 

“The main thing with Ocerra is that the team is no longer chasing approvers. You can track each invoice in the workflow and identify bottlenecks promptly. For example, if someone is travelling or forgotten to approve, you can clearly see where the invoice has not moved through the status”,  - Janette Buchanan, Goldair

Protect and manage your cash flow effectively with added control and visibility.

When an invoice document is sent to Ocerra, the data is available in digital format without being exported to your ERP system.

With various report options, you can track and control cash more effectively. For example, you can build a report, see outgoing cash and be aware of your short-term liabilities. 

​Another benefit of having invoices in the digital workflow is protecting your company from fraudulent activities, errors, suspicious suppliers and duplicated payments. Digital audit trail creates transparency and easy follow-ups.

“With all the information available, we can now analyse and interrogate it. For example, you might be interested in who is your main supplier, the dollar amounts spent with them or the regularity of invoices. Ocerra enables us to drill into the data and see who we are paying, how often, and how much”. - Mark Lumsden, CDB Group