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Unlock the full potential of your MYOB Advanced ERP with Ocerra AP.

Ocerra offers seamless connection with MYOB Advanced for efficient accounts payable automation and fraud prevention.

Modernise your Accounts Payable with Ocerra: bring efficiency, visibility, and protection to your accounts payable process.

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Ocerra is a modern, cloud-based accounts payable automation software. It offers the most cost-efficient, seamless, deep, API integration for MYOB Advanced customers.

Offload your AP team, reduce manual invoice processing time up to 78%

Manual invoice data entry is time-consuming and error-prone. Ocerra offers a reliable and accurate data extraction engine to offload your AP team from routine invoice scanning and data entry tasks.

Protect your cash assets with added visibility and transparency.

​Processing all your bills via Ocerra gives you 100% visibility on how the money spent in the business. Workflow logs and audit on each invoice document reduce the risk of fraudulent activities.

Streamline approval process to save time for everyone in the process.

With automated invoice approval, you can promptly see who is holding an invoice and why. Follow-ups are easy and straightforward. At the same time, you will also avoid late payment fees and build a better relationship with your suppliers.

Unlock valuable data insights and make better financial decisions.

With all the information available in one centralised location, you can interrogate it using your favourite BI tools. For example, you can immediately see your short-term liabilities and take better control of your cash flow.


“We use Ocerra daily, and we love it. It saves so much time! All the invoice approval issues that we had are gone. Follow up is clear and easy. There is no need to print out a creditor invoice and manually key it in, then physically scan everything and send it off to Australia. It is instantaneous now!”

Janette, financial controller at Goldair, Australia
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