AP Automation software for touchless invoice processing with MYOB Advanced

Benefits of Accounts Payable automation

Unlock valuable data insights

  • There is no time for a business to wait for critical business insights.

  • Get instant access to your short-term liabilities and take better control of your cash flow with automated data capture.


Fast-forward approval process

  • AP automation offers electronic approval, so there are no more bottlenecks with paper-based approval. Make timely payments, avoid late payment fees and build a better relationship with your suppliers.


Modernise your AP department

  • AP has so much to offer, by removing time-consuming, manual invoice processing and focusing on value-adding, strategic tasks instead. 

  • Make your AP an intelligent hub that can facilitate timely and accurate financial insights.


Reduce Accounts Payable costs

  • When AP bills are processed automatically, you need fewer people to do this job. 

  • No need to hire and train new AP staff when the volume of new bills is growing.

  • No need to print out bills and store files in your back office.

  • Avoid human-errors that can cost thousands if not millions to a company.  


Create transparency & visibility

  • When all bills are processed electronically, you have higher visibility of the entire AP process. You can instantly see all your incoming bills, as well as any duplicated or suspicious documents.   

Pricing info

  • We calculate pricing based on the number of bills

  • There are no hidden cost or long-term contracts

  • We set the system up for you based on your old bills

How Ocerra is different?

  Fast and accurate line-by-line-data extraction

✔  Secured digital cabinet for all your invoices

✔  Effortless publishing to MYOB Advanced

✔  Quick access and lookup of your billing information

✔  Multi-company management all in one place

✔  User-friendly interface, with no rules or templates