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AP automation
integration options

Ocerra offers a range of integration options to automate your accounts payable processes. From full-featured API integration to file-based, you can choose what suits your unique business requirements the best.


Full-featured API integrations

An API integration has an automatic connection with your accounting or ERP system. You can start the AP automation today with the following integrations:

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Effortless file-based integration

A file-based integration transfers data using a preferred file format. It is easy to set up and use. A file-based integration is a good option if you have a legacy ERP system or the one that does not offer an API to integrate with. 

Custom integration services

Ocerra's experienced team can build an integration with your accounting or ERP system. It can be a full-featured API integration or a mix of both: API and file-based methods.

Ocerra runs several custom integrations, including Odoo, MYOB EXO and Microsoft Dynamics. Contact us today to discuss your integration and AP requirements.

Open API: DIY options

Ocerra offers open API access which allows writing your own integration! Moreover, we provide 2-hours consultation to get you going, documentation and sample code free of charge. 

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