About Ocerra and its founders: Irina & Anton

We settled in New Zealand more than 11 years ago. Now, we are kiwis and absolutely in love with this country. We’ve been working hard here since day one and always wanted to do our own software business. At the beginning of the last year (2018), we have started working on Ocerra AP automation project.
Our background
Anton is a highly skilled developer, with over 18-years of experience and many successful projects behind his back.
"My experience in software development allows me to bring the finest ingredients into this solution. Existing AP automation providers are dated, have a complex and expensive implementation.
We want to make AP automation available for medium-sized businesses, as well as making it financially reasonable for an enterprise.  
Ocerra is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service AP automaton software with a multi-tenancy architecture.
This allows us to offer a highly scalable and financially viable solution for both enterprise and medium-sized businesses." - Anton.
Irina has experience in marketing, sales and customer success roles. This is quite a rare match in business and gives us an advantage over any other start-ups. As a family, we have shared values and goals, so we are united and determined.
Yes, Ocerra is a brand-new software business. However, we are not hiding this fact. The latest technology allows us to offer what other solutions cannot, including security advancements. We understand that overall it does take time to earn trust in this business, but we are working hard towards it.

About Ocerra
Globally, AP solutions are everywhere, but only a few specialize in AP invoice automation solely. At Ocerra,
  • We specialize only in AP automation – we pick one thing and do it best
  • We use OCR + AI, making it a powerful data extracting instrument
  • We use the latest technology which is more efficient and works faster
  • We offer friendly software that is only one click away from using it
  • We don’t charge onboarding or implementation fees
  • We offer flexible monthly subscription – risk-free and no long-term contracts
  • We offer a free trial that you can start today.
Tell us about your business, we are interested to learn about you too!
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