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Success stories | WM Waste Management Services | Integration: Ocerra + AccountRight

WM Waste: Achieving AP Excellence with Ocerra & MYOB

"Previously, invoice approval could take up to a month, as we manually compiled invoices into a folder for approvers to review and decide on. This process often stretched to 30 days. Now, thanks to the Ocerra AP automation, approvals can be completed overnight, with the longest wait being just a week." - Linda | the Finance Manager.

About WM Waste

WM is an Australian-owned company based in Boronia, Victoria, has been delivering essential recycling services to the local community since 1985, boasting more than three decades of experience. WM supplies skips to suit all manner of waste removal and rubbish removal, including Wood, Plaster, Metal, and Green Waste, Heavy Waste, Concrete Rubble, Dirt Waste, and Builders' wastes. Accredited to ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) management systems, the company is committed to quality and environmental management and protection of the environment.

In this case study, we explore the journey of implementing Ocerra, an AP automation solution, as described by Linda Wright, the Finance Manager who led the initiative.

Before the Transformation: Recognising Opportunities for Improvement

WM Waste Management Services has always been at the forefront of innovation in waste management. With the ambition to continuously improve, the company identified opportunities to enhance its accounts payable process.


Managing a substantial monthly volume of around 4000 invoices, the team faced industry-common challenges that they were determined to address:

  • Optimising Processing Time: Previously, the processing cycle could extend up to 30-60 days due to the need for invoices to be circulated among different departments for approvals.

  • Streamlining Payment Timelines: The reliance on manual processes occasionally stretched payment timelines, underscoring a need for a more efficient system.

  • Enhancing the Audit Trail: Navigating through a manual approval process highlighted the necessity for a more robust system to improve turnaround times and maintain an accurate audit trail.

  • Improving Accuracy: The team sought to refine their process to reduce the margin for error in account allocations, thereby enhancing the accuracy of financial reporting.

Recognising these opportunities for enhancement, WM Waste Management Services embarked on a journey with Ocerra to revolutionise its accounts payable operations, aiming for unparalleled efficiency and operational excellence

Solution Implemented - Ocerra and achieved benefits

Upon implementing Ocerra, WM Waste has experienced a transformation in its accounts payable process, leading to significant improvements in several areas:


✔ Time-Saving for On-Site Staff: Ocerra's user-friendly interface streamlines the invoicing process, reducing administrative burdens for on-site staff.

“Before Ocerra, we struggled to close the previous month's accounts before the 15th of the following month. Now, with Ocerra, we achieve this much earlier, streamlining our financial processes significantly” - says, Linda.

✔ Timely Account Closure: Ocerra enables timely account closure, allowing the company to update financial records before the 10th of the following month, impressing external accountants, and enhancing overall financial management.


✔ Simplified Approver Interface: The simplified approver interface in Ocerra, with minimal tabs and focused functionalities, ensures a straightforward and efficient approval process.


These benefits and positive feedback reflect Ocerra's impact on the team, improving workflow efficiency, time management, and overall financial processes.

Feedback from the team

  • Easing Administrative Burdens for Staff: A lot of their staff don't have time for admin work, so having Ocerra helps them a lot. Not having to sit down and sort out documents saves them a significant amount of time.


“Malcolm, our bookkeeper who manages invoice processing through Ocerra, expressed his satisfaction by saying, 'I'm really happy because tasks are completed promptly, allowing me to move on to other tasks." - says Linda.

“Our finance team greatly appreciates Ocerra for its outstanding user-friendliness and simplicity. Linda notes, 'We've discovered that the simpler the tool is, the quicker and more efficiently we can accomplish our tasks” -  says, Linda.

System Rollout Review

“Overall the implementation process was very easy, it's very easy to understand too. I think that is the key thing. When you implement a solution, you don't want to have something too complicated because otherwise, you will fail halfway through. You have met 99% of my expectations. The support is fantastic too. I haven't had any issues with you guys.” - says Linda.

When asked why Ocerra, our client outlined:

“Unlike others, Ocerra provides a clear view of each invoice's status, including the approver's name, comments, and notes right next to it. This transparency significantly speeds up communication within our team, something we didn't find elsewhere. We even considered a competitor that, despite being twice as expensive, offered only 70% of the crucial features we needed. Ocerra was the perfect match in every aspect. I just wish they advertised as actively as their competitors did. Ocerra is a hidden gem in the market.” - says Linda.

In the quest for the ideal invoice automation solution, WM team meticulously compared Ocerra with several other software products on the market. What became immediately apparent was the complexity and clutter of features in these alternatives, which often obscured the essentials of efficient invoice management. 


While other software seemed overstuffed with unnecessary functionalities, Ocerra distinguished itself with its simplicity and focus on what truly matters. 

  • Simplicity and User-Friendly Interface: Compared to other solutions, Ocerra stood out for its simplicity. Other platforms were deemed more complicated, with a technical look that might be intimidating for non-tech-savvy users.


  • Specific Functionality Options: Ocerra provided a wide range of options, such as the approval list to chase people, the ability to add attachments, email details, a data log feature, and facilitating the tracking of pending approvals. These functionalities were deemed crucial for the organisation's needs.


The successful implementation of Ocerra at WM Waste Management Services has not only streamlined their accounts payable processes but has also significantly improved workflow efficiency, time management, and overall financial processes. The positive feedback from the team reflects the substantial impact Ocerra has had on the organisation, showcasing its effectiveness in addressing the challenges faced by WM Waste Management Services.


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