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Success stories | Tasty Fresh | Integration: Ocerra + MYOB Advanced | Partner: Stratus Consulting Group

Safeguarding and Streamlining AP Operations: Tasty Fresh's Success with Ocerra


Quick Facts

  • Ocerra ERP Integration: MYOB Advanced

  • Documents processed: Up to 30,000 per year

  • Solutions provided: Automated data entry, Digital approval workflows, Custom reporting and Open API support for PO & Receipt management.

Tasty Fresh Food Co

About Tasty Fresh

Tasty is an Australian, family-owned and operated company established in 1979. Renowned for their commitment to quality, they produce fresh, high-quality products daily in their state-of-the-art bakery and production facilities.


Dedicated to serving Aussie workers, Tasty upholds values of Teamwork, Win-Win, Continuous Improvement, Integrity, and Respect, striving to deliver the best to their customers each day.

"Ocerra provides a safety net that catches discrepancies before they reach the ERP system, enhancing safety and compliance. It is a big buffer zone for us before it gets into MYOB, and the things we've uncovered with the help of Ocerra have been extremely helpful." – Carolina, Financial Controller.

Tasty Fresh's AP Process before Ocerra Implementation

Tasty Fresh's accounts payable process was burdened with manual tasks. Handling over a hundred invoices daily, the team printed, sorted, and distributed them manually. This labour-intensive process involved everything from direct hand-delivery to emailing interstate managers. Approvals, too, were manual, leading to time-consuming follow-ups and data entry into their ERP system. Weekly payment runs demanded meticulous sorting from their physical invoice repository, increasing work hours and paperwork.

  • The need for a streamlined digital solution

This manual process was prone to errors and inefficiencies. Processes like matching invoices with purchase orders were inconsistent, sometimes leading to double payments. The lack of a digital tracking system meant repeated submissions of the same invoice for approval, causing delays and mistakes.

This manual and error-prone process highlighted a clear need for Tasty Fresh: a more efficient, streamlined digital accounts payable solution.

Tasty Fresh's AP Requirements: A Journey to Automation

Before transitioning to MYOB Advanced in September 2022, Tasty Fresh operated on the MYOB Exo system. A key consideration during this transition was the need to manage Purchase Orders and Receipts separately. Ocerra addressed this challenge by seamlessly integrating with MYOB Advanced and offering an open API for third-party system connectivity, ensuring all platforms were effectively linked.

With Ocerra's support, Tasty Fresh streamlined its supplier invoice process, automating the matching of supplier documents with Purchase Orders and PO receipts. Once matched, these documents are exported to MYOB Advanced for payment.

Throughout the implementation, Ocerra provided continuous assistance, including the provision of an open API. The successful integration with the third-party system was achieved within approximately 8 weeks of Tasty Fresh going live with Ocerra. It has now been nearly two years since Tasty Fresh adopted Ocerra's solutions, and they continue to operate smoothly."

  • Why Choosing Ocerra

In this case study, we spoke with Tasty Fresh's finance team to understand their experiences before and after implementing Ocerra, as well as their reasons for choosing Ocerra for AP automation.

"We chose Ocerra for its seamless integration capabilities with our existing and third-party systems, which was vital for our purchase order processes. Carolina, the Financial Controller at Tasty Fresh, highlights this partnership was about more than just adopting a new system; it was about ensuring a smooth integration with our existing workflows."


The Ocerra team played a pivotal role, providing essential API support to synchronise Tasty Fresh's purchase order system with Ocerra's invoice processing. This collaboration led to a more efficient, streamlined accounts payable process, enhancing Tasty Fresh's operational efficiency. 

"Ocerra helped us get the most out of the existing systems"

Identifying the Need for Automation in Tasty Fresh's Accounts Payable Process

Carolina from Tasty Fresh highlighted the critical factors that led the company to seek an automated solution for their accounts payable process. The primary issue was the manual nature of their existing system. Carolina's goal was to transition to a paperless operation to achieve more accurate and efficient management, particularly in terms of tracking the cost of goods.

The lack of integration between their accounting system and ticket system posed a significant challenge. These systems operated independently, with no connectivity, leading to inefficiencies and potential inaccuracies. This realisation became more apparent when Carolina began discussions about moving to a cloud-based system, MYOB Advanced, with their provider, Stratus Consulting Group.

During these discussions, Stratus introduced Carolina to the Ocerra system. Ocerra promised to streamline the processing and approval of invoices, a solution that Carolina recognised as precisely what Tasty Fresh needed. This revelation marked a turning point for Tasty Fresh, setting the stage for a transformative shift towards automation with the implementation of the Ocerra system.

Enhancing Operations with Ocerra: Tasty Fresh's Experience and Achieved Benefits

✔ Efficiency and Transparency in Audit & Supplier Relations


The team from Tasty Fresh highlighted the significant impact of Ocerra on their auditing process and supplier relationships. The ease of accessing all necessary invoices for audit purposes has streamlined their operations, allowing for quick responses to supplier queries. This improvement has eliminated the need to sift through physical documents or archived emails, fostering better relationships with suppliers through timely and accurate payments.


✔ User-Friendly Interface and Enhanced Visibility


In terms of usability, the team prefers Ocerra's interface for its clarity and ease of access. The layout allows for quick viewing of invoices and their corresponding details, simplifying the search and analysis process.

This user-friendly approach has been a key factor in their preference for Ocerra over other AP automation providers.


✔ Advanced Reporting and Fraud Prevention


Brendan, an Accounts Officer, shed light on the advanced reporting capabilities and fraud prevention aspects of Ocerra. The system's ability to identify duplicate POs and invoices has been invaluable. Brendan emphasised how Ocerra has helped uncover and prevent potentially fraudulent activities. The ability of the system to flag unmatched bank details and tax number against the ERP system details. This enhanced security and transparency, he notes, is one of the most understated benefits of Ocerra.

✔ Significant Time Savings and Operational Improvements


Both Carolina and Brendan acknowledged the considerable time savings since implementing Ocerra.

The automated approval processes, including the introduction of auto-approvals, have drastically reduced the time required for invoice processing. Brendan pointed out that the frequency of reversing invoices on payment days has significantly decreased, underscoring Ocerra's role in streamlining their financial operations.

✔ Seamless Integration and Measurable ROI


Carolina praised the seamless integration of Ocerra with MYOB Advanced, noting that the transition was smooth and straightforward. She also highlighted the measurable return on investment in terms of processing time and fraud prevention. Brendan added that the prevention of duplicate payments alone has likely covered the cost of implementing Ocerra.

✔ Approval Process Efficiency


The automated reminders and consolidated approval process in Ocerra have led to a significant reduction in approval times. The team now experiences more efficient workflows, with less time spent on manual approvals and follow-ups.

✔ Accelerated Approval Processes and Operational Focus


Carolina pointed out a significant reduction in the approval time for invoices. Previously, approvals could take a week or more, but with Ocerra, most are completed within one to two days. This efficiency has allowed managers to focus on immediate tasks and reduced delays in the overall accounts payable process.

✔ Enhanced Productivity and Project Engagement


With Ocerra now fully integrated, Carolina has been able to dedicate time to other projects and exploring ways to further enhance their current operations with Ocerra. This shift highlights the time savings and operational efficiency gained, enabling staff to engage in broader business initiatives.

✔ Remarkable Reduction in Time-Consuming Tasks


Brendan emphasised the dramatic change in time management. Previously, resolving issues could halt operations for hours, requiring extensive manual searching through physical records. With Ocerra, such disruptive and time-consuming tasks have been significantly reduced, leading to more consistent and efficient workflow.

✔ Handling Increased Volume and Supplier Management


Despite an increase in invoice volume and the dynamic nature of supplier relationships, especially amidst shortages in some areas, the team has managed these challenges more effectively. Quick access to invoice records has streamlined the process for the purchasing manager and the finance team, making it easier to handle supplier disputes and pricing issues.

✔ Rapid Access to Records and Positive Feedback from Stakeholders


The ability to quickly access specific invoice records, which previously could take hours, now takes mere minutes with Ocerra. This improvement has been beneficial not only for the finance team but also for the purchasing officer and other operational teams. The CEO and other managers have expressed satisfaction with the system, appreciating the immediate access to invoice information and the positive impact on supplier relations due to timely payments.

Overall Satisfaction and Advocacy

In conclusion, the finance team highlighted Ocerra's key benefits in terms of transparency and security. They have actively endorsed Ocerra to other businesses, showcasing a high level of satisfaction with the system and its positive impact on Tasty Fresh's operations.

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