Unlock valuable data insights with AP invoice automation

Ocerra takes away the headache of invoice data entry, enabling businesses to reduce costs and increase visibility of accounts payable process.

What is AP invoice automation?

Accounts Payable (AP) invoice automation is a software that allows processing supplier invoices electronically, eliminating the need of manual data entry.
Ocerra AP invoice automation software will capture and auto-extract key invoice data, automatically route invoices for the approval and export to your financial system. 
There is no need to print invoices; all the invoices and its data are presented for you in easy to access format. 
As a result, supplier invoices are processed faster and more accurately. 

Unlock valuable data insights with AP invoice automation

Ocerra takes away the headache of invoice data entry, enabling businesses to reduce costs and increase visibility of accounts payable process.

We help accounting and medium-size companies with intercompany transactions to process supplier invoices faster and more accurately. Test drive Ocerra with just one supplier and see how it works with Xero or MYOB Advanced. Using a different system? Talk to us.

How does AP invoice automation help?

Reduce costs & save time

Invoice data entry is a time-consuming, error-prone and expensive process.


AI-powered machines can do it cheaper, and more accurately, so your accounting team can save time and do what matters the most, e.g. helping to grow your business.


You will also save on hiring additional AP staff when your business is growing or during high-volume invoice processing times.

Ocerra AP automation can handle as many invoices as you have, in no time.

Unlock valuable data insights

When AP invoice data is processed electronically, you have instant access to your short-term liabilities and can take better control of your cash flow.


With AP invoice automation, you get timely data insights so that you can make smarter financial decisions.

Ocerra offers advanced AP performance dashboard and dynamic reporting tools.

Streamline approval process

All invoices are electronically routed to the right person depending on your approval workflow. They will get notified so that they can approve, return, request comment or forward to another approver in no time.


Digital workflow reduces the approval cycle from weeks to days.

With Ocerra you can set up value-based or multi-stage approval.

Once approved, invoices can be effortlessly published in your accounting software.

Get rid of paper & increase AP visibility

Paper-based invoice processing lacks instant access into the invoice data and might result in missed, duplicated or even tampered invoice information.


There is no need to print an invoice with the automated system.

You will have one centralized system for all your invoices and AP insights.


Any member of your team can access and track any changes made to the invoice. 

It creates transparency and visibility into the entire accounts payable process.


How does Accounts Payable Automation software work?

  1. You receive PDF or scanned invoices.
  2. Ocerra automatically captures it from your email inbox and auto-extract key invoice data.  
  3. Processed invoices are presented in your digital cabinet, ready to be approved or exported to your financial system.
  4. Ocerra allows to set up approval workflow and route invoices to the right person before they are exported.
  5. With or without approval, you can export to your financial system with a click of a button.
  6. Ocerra automatically imports payment data from your accounting system for accurate AP performance insights.
  7. Ocerra allows automatically (or manually) archive old invoices, keeping your inbox clean.
Step-by-step overview
How Ocerra fits in the Purchase to Pay workflow

Features & services

Cloud-based invoice cabinet

✔  Unlimited user access

✔  Permission based access

✔  Personalized email address

✔  Search & filtering

✔  Audit history

✔  Multi-company

Intelligent data capture

✔ Data extraction from PDF & scanned files

✔ Line item description & GL codes auto-fill

✔ Automatic currency and tax rate calculator

✔ Automatic PO number & credit note matching

Approval workflow & export

✔  Multi-stage approval

✔  Value-based approval

✔  Auto approval

✔  Effortless export to your accounting or ERP system

Reporting & AP visibility

✔  AP performance dashboard

✔  Power BI reporting functionality

✔  Search & filtering

✔  Open API

Quick set-up:

You can start using the system in less than one hour!

  1. Connect to your accounting system

  2. Import your chart of accounts and suppliers

  3. Start sending your invoices

⛱ Effortless connection and publishing to your system.


Pricing & plans



Up to 150


per month



Up to 250


per month



Up to 500


per month

  • All plans have the same set of features & benefits
  • Pricing is calculated per company & number of invoices
  • No hidden costs or long-term contracts. Cancel anytime
  • More than 500 invoices? Ocerra has no limits. Contact us for a customized plan.

Using Xero?

Using a different system?

We can do a free integration with your ERP or accounting system. Conditions apply. Talk to us.

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