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Why do you need Accounts Payable automation software?

Accounts payable automation software (AP Automation) offers automated data entry for your supplier invoices, approval workflow, reporting and integration with your accounting software.

  • Bring efficiency and visibility to your accounts payable process

  • Reduce manual, error-prone tasks and approval bottlenecks

  • Eliminate paper trail for good, no more printing and storing paper files

  • Build strong relationships with suppliers by preventing late payments

  • Unlock valuable cashflow insights and improve the financial health of your business

How does AP automation work?

  1. Ocerra captures PDF invoices from your email inbox.
  2. Ocerra performs automated data entry and extracts key invoice information.
  3. Processed invoices are presented in your digital cabinet for your review.
  4. Invoices are routed to the right person for approval.
  5. With or without approval, invoices are ready to be exported to your system for payment.

AP Automation Benefits

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Reduce AP costs & save time

Invoice data entry is a time-consuming, error-prone and expensive process.

With automated data entry, you can do it faster and more accurately. As a result, fewer people are needed to work on this task. They have time to grow and perform in the areas that matter the most for them and your business.

There is no need to hire new staff when your business is growing or during high-volume invoice processing times. ​

Ocerra can handle as many invoices as you have, and in no time.

Take control of your business spend

With automated data entry and approval workflows, you get timely data insights so that you can take better control of your cash flow and make smarter financial decisions.

You can now instantly access all your AP billing and supplier data from one platform.

Moreover, Ocerra offers a real-time AP reporting dashboard, including Power BI functionality for all customised reporting requirements.

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Reduce approval bottlenecks

There is no need to print invoices for approvals anymore. You can either use your financial system to enrol invoices into the digital approval workflow or approve them using Ocerra workflow.

As a result, the approval cycle is reduced from weeks to days, so you can make timely payments to your suppliers, avoid late payment fees and in some cases receive early payment discounts.


This means improving operational efficiency and building better relationships with suppliers.

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Increase AP visibility & transparency

Paper-based invoice processing lacks instant access to the invoice data and can result in missing, duplicated or even tampered invoice information.

Managing all your AP bills from one centralised system creates visibility and transparency for the entire accounts payable process.

The secured online cabinet allows instant access and tracking of any changes made to the invoice.

Ocerra  features

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Cloud-based invoice management platform

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Intelligent, AI-powered data capture
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Automated approval & workflow
Custom dashboard & analytics

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