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Product update & news 2023 April – May

News & product update

Ocerra receives MYOB 2022 New App of the Year Award

We are thrilled to announce that Ocerra has been honored with the "2022 New App of the Year" award from MYOB Advanced earlier this year. This recognition is particularly meaningful to us because of our longstanding relationship with MYOB, and it reflects the dedication and hard work of our team in the AP automation space. As we embark on our fifth year, we are excited to build on this momentum and achieve even more successes in the coming year.

Product Update

In this update, you'll discover several new capabilities, including an update on bank details verification assistance, tax number verification, percentage line splitting, new filters, and workflow enhancements. These new features are designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendliness, and we are confident that you will find them extremely useful.

Bank details extraction & verification assistance

Verifying bank account details is important part in accounts payable process. It helps to prevent errors or possible fraud activities related to these details; it also helps to ensure that payments are made to the correct accounts.

We have introduced bank account extraction and verification assistance (beta) a few months ago. The Beta tab has now been updated to Bank Details.

This functionality works by extracting bank account details from the invoice layout and checking them against your supplier details in your ERP or accounting system.

In Beta version we were enabling supplier payment information sync by request, it is now available across all our customers to check out.

Please note, that we are still working on enhancing this functionality. Therefore, the verification process is non-intrusive, and you need to click on the Bank details on the invoice to check if they are matching with your supplier’s information or not.

How to use Bank details , learn more about it here.

Tax Number extraction & verification assistance

In addition to bank account details, there is now an option to check if supplier's tax number is matching supplier's tax number in your ERP or accounting system.

Ocerra extracts Tax Number such as ABN, GST or VAT by dealt. However, you need to enable the verification assistance functionality first.

Setting accounts, sub-accounts and other attributes as mandatory on transitions

Often, some information is required to be added to the invoice before it is exported to your system. For example, an approver needs to add a sub-account but they may skip this step and finance team needs to follow up with the approver. To avoid unnecessary follow ups like this, we have added an option to make different attributes on the invoices as mandatory on a specified transition.

Percentage line-splitting

An invoice line in Ocerra can be split into one or more lines using percentages.

Splitting lines is a convenient tool to divide the cost into separate cost canters, for instance.

Search by invoice date and filters drop-down

Filters help sorting out invoices quickly based on specific criteria.

Filter options might not be obvious in Ocerra and therefore we added a filter drop-down icons. So to search by invoice date, for example, click on the filter drop-down and select Date (select the period) and then select any other filter if required, for example, Approver = Name:

Other useful capabilities & enhancements

  • Sort by descending or by ascending have been added to the Approver column.

Sort invoices by ascending or descending in Ocerra

Archive folder enhancements

  • Document attachments and notes have been added to the Archive folder. View Archive folder details here.

  • Archive folder has been added to the Clerk role in Ocerra. View updated role matrix her.

Jpeg and PNG attachment options have been added to Other attachments

Attach supporting documents to your supplier invoices in Ocerra
  • Workflow preview

Approval workflow preview in AP automation

Purchase Orders

  • Search for PO number automatically that contains zero (P0) on PO finder has been added.


Please check May release notes here.

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