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Ocerra Wins MYOB Advanced New App of the Year Award for Automating Accounts Payable Processes

"The award recognises a new app listed in the past year that has gained maximum traction in the MYOB Advanced ecosystem. This award is for new and exciting members that are bringing technological advancements to mid-market businesses."

We're excited to receive the New App of the Year Award, especially given our longstanding relationship with MYOB.

Our development team built the first integration with MYOB over 10 years ago, and we've continued to work closely with their products ever since.

Our integration for Ocerra product was completed in 2020 and we made an official entry into the MYOB marketplace in February 2021, following our certification in the MYOB Advanced developer program, was a huge milestone for us. Joining the premium partner developer program in 2022 was another major achievement.

We've been dedicated to MYOB Advanced as our exclusive ERP system for the past three years, and we're proud to be recognised for all the hard work we've put in to help our customers streamline their Accounts Payable.

What our customers say

“The Ocerra technology is very impressive; not only is it user-friendly and intuitive, but it has also delivered significant cost savings for our business. We have reduced our finance team costs by over $60,000 per year. Additionally, Ocerra helped significantly streamline and reduce our month-end workload, freeing up an entire week for the finance team to focus on other important projects. We are delighted with Ocerra's solution and highly recommend it to other businesses.” – Nick Kalikajaros, CFO at GDK Group.”

Ocerra’s goal is to help you streamline and protect your accounts payable. Book a live demo to start your AP automation project today.

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