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Introducing: Ocerra's Smart Excel Export Feature

Smart Excel Export in Ocerra AP Automation

At Ocerra, we are committed to continuously enhancing your invoice management experience. With this goal in mind, we are introducing our latest added feature: the Smart Excel Export feature.

Conveniently located within the invoices list, you'll notice a new addition: a download excel icon at the bottom of the screen, next to the 'items per page' option.

With just one click, you can export invoices directly to Excel format. Hovering over the icon reveals a prompt highlighting the capability to "download up to 1000 records in excel format". This feature provides you with flexibility and efficiency in managing your invoice data.

Smart Excel feature is seamlessly connected with your filter preferences, it enables precise data downloads from selected invoice criteria, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your financial reporting. This ensures that you export precisely the data you need, saving you valuable time and effort.

Along with the basic invoice details like date, sender, due date, and amount, we've added an additional column specifically dedicated to extracting coding elements from the invoice, such as Jobs. This additional information provides you with deeper insights into your invoicing data, enabling more comprehensive analysis and reporting.

The Smart Excel Export feature is designed to swiftly extract key data, facilitating analysis and enabling quicker, informed decision-making.

For more granular or detailed analysis beyond our new smart Excel export feature, we offer integration with Microsoft OData. This enhancement enables real-time, dynamic reporting directly in Excel or your preferred BI tools. With OData integration, you can access in-depth data from your supplier invoices, including line-level descriptions, ensuring your reports are always up-to-date and comprehensive.

You can refer to these article for more information:

We're committed to continually improving and innovating to meet your evolving needs. The Smart Excel Export feature is just one of many enhancements we're rolling out to enhance your Ocerra experience. Stay tuned for more updates and features designed to simplify and optimise your accounts payable management journey.

Experience the power of the Smart Excel Export feature today and unlock new levels of efficiency in your AP process.

Please visit our support portal for more details about this feature.

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