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Introducing MYOB Advanced AP Automation Integration

Ocerra AP Automation for MYOB Advanced

We are proud to announce an integration with MYOB Advanced, cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

We've been working with MYOB products for more than 5-years integrating other systems including MYOB AccountRight.

You can find that Ocerra is official partner of MYOB in Australia and New Zealand:

Benefits of Ocerra and MYOB Advanced

Both systems are committed to the cloud philosophy and work beautifully together. Ocerra is a great addition to MYOB Advanced offering, enabling cost-efficient and effortless implementation of the accounts payable automation process.

No installation or complex configuration required

Installation, maintenance and high setup costs are all in the past with a modern technology. Ocerra is connected to your MYOB in less than one hour allowing you to start processing AP bills the same day.

While MYOB ERP is an advanced system and you may have custom configuration, we'll ensure Ocerra is compatible too.

Bills created with the original PDF file attached

No need to print out supplier bills and physically store them in file cabinets.

Ocerra attaches the original bill automatically for you:

In addition, you will have a copy of all the bills in Ocerra. You can search, archive or download from Ocerra as well.

Ocerra creates the bill with all the line level and coding information

Ocerra can post not only extracted values from the invoice layout but help auto-code:

  • Branches, Inventory, UOM, Accounts, Tax Rates, Purchase Orders, Receipts and more.

Accounts Payable Automation for MYOB Advanced

Our Technology

We are using the latest technology, resulting in a highly accurate and smart invoice data capture tool. By hosting our application on AWS, we are offering a secure and scalable solution to a wide range of business.

Our Experience

Our experience in software development allows us to bring the finest ingredients into this solution, along with beautiful and easy to use interface.

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