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Product News: Ocerra POs, Invoice Approval and Integration Updates

Ocerra Product Update - January - Feabruary 2024

We're excited to share our newest product update, packed with helpful improvements to make managing your invoices even easier and more efficient.

With this release, you'll discover a variety of enhancements designed to streamline your accounts payable processes.

Introducing Our New Video Library!

We would like to announce the release of our new Video Library!

Ocerra AP automation video library

Now, accessing helpful tutorials and demos is easier than ever. Whether you're a new user or looking to understand and learn more about Ocerra, our Video Library has you covered. We have started uploading videos, and we will add new video content on a weekly basis to ensure that we have all the necessary videos to help you maximise the benefits of using our system.

Ready to dive in? Simply navigate and explore our Video Library and start learning today!

Ocerra Purchase Order enhancements

In September, we introduced 'Ocerra POs', a new product feature that enables the creation, approval, and sending of Purchase Orders (POs) directly from Ocerra.

If you missed this update, here are the details of the Ocerra Purchase Order Product announcement.

We have made an enhancements to Ocerra's PO feature. Keep reading to discover the enhancements we've made and how they can benefit you.

General product enhancements

Approval Workflow Enhancement

Ocerra now supports a 5-step workflow! This means we've extended our capabilities to provide even more flexibility and control in your approval processes. With this enhancement you can tailor your approval processes to align perfectly with your unique requirements.

Automate invoice approval - 5 step approval option

Kindly check our support article to learn more about this enhancement.

And remember, our approval workflow services are provided on an hourly basis, ensuring that we can customise our solution to meet your specific needs.

Enhanced Support for Inactive Vendors

Vouchers or invoices attached to inactive vendors will still be visible on the screen for reference purposes. However, you won't be able to actively search for or select them. When trying to access them, the supplier field will display 'No Data Found' to indicate their inactive status.

We received your requests! Our team has made several enhancements to your accounting system integration for more seamless and efficient invoice processing.

MYOB Advanced integration enhancements

Added "Is Active" Flag to imported purchase order list

The imported Purchase Order list now includes an "Is Active" flag where it retains visibility of Closed POs. However, if a user manually removes a matched PO from the invoice and the PO is closed, re-adding it to the invoice won't be possible. 

Closed PO Header and PO Line Status Display

Closed POs at the header level are also flagged. If removed from the header, they won't be available for search. In addition, the status of each Purchase Order (PO) line is visibly shown on the line itself, indicating whether it's open, on hold, completed or closed. Closed lines are now flagged in red for quick identification.

Supplier Status on Import

You can now import supplier status information. Deactivate suppliers in MYOB Advanced and sync them to Ocerra, the system will now sync the inactive flag as well. Additionally, on the Vendors list in Ocerra, there is now an "Inactive" flag - yes/no.

MYOB AccountRight integration enhancements

Support for invoice attachment export

Due to MYOB's system being overloaded and busy, their team has advised using bulk export for invoices either in the early mornings or evenings due to high system load during the day. At Ocerra, we are actively addressing these limitations. We have released an integration enhancement: our API now attempts to connect with MYOB up to 10 times to successfully attach documents. This improvement should significantly enhance performance. We'll continue to monitor closely. Additionally, our next scheduled enhancement involves introducing a control parameter to allow for bulk export of attachments overnight.

ARL Export Enhancement for Ocerra-Created POs

We've enhanced the ARL export functionality for Purchase Orders (POs) created in Ocerra. Now, when exporting POs from Ocerra to ARL, the Purchase Number field in ARL will be populated with the corresponding PO number generated in Ocerra. With the PO number automatically included on the purchase invoice, you can easily track and keep records of the transactions.

Enhanced connection testing for ARL

Ocerra includes validation checks to prevent saving blank values, ensuring seamless integration. This is helpful if someone on your team mistakenly or accidentally removes details on the integration page.

We're constantly working to provide a more efficient tool. Stay tuned for more feature enhancements coming in the next few weeks!

You can refer to our January and February release notes for more details on the enhancements and additional information about the updates our team has implemented.

We appreciate the use of the support portal and support email, so we can keep track of all your enquires including feature and enhancements requests.

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