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Ocerra Product Update: Invoice download via the link, split lines, export progress status and more

Ocerra AP automation software product update

Our team has been busy in the last couple of months, releasing new features and enhancements to improve your experience in Ocerra.

From machine learning and artificial intelligence that makes data extraction smarter to save you more time to new integration functionalities.

In this article, you will find a summary of the most important developments and enhancements to your accounting integrations with Ocerra.

Update to .NET 6 and why it matters

The most exciting part is not seen at the front end of the system, it happens at the backend. We would like to give some credit to our development team for keeping Ocerra up to date. For our customers, it means that the Ocerra platform performs efficiently and will be working as stable as usual.

Enhancing our Data Extraction Engines

We are reviewing and adding new invoice layouts and their variations to the system continuously. We also perform cross-training of the system to achieve high data extraction results.

Tip: If you have a regular supplier invoice that cannot be trained using annotation on the spot, please send the URL link of this invoice to our support, and we’ll help you with it..

New how-to video: training the system to pick up the correct numbers

Learn how to quickly add header level values such as invoice number, invoice dates, subtotal, GST or purchase order number to the invoice in this 1-minute video:

Attachment downloads from Xero emails

Are you receiving invoices from Xero suppliers that do not attach Invoices as PDF files?

Ocerra can now download attachments from:

messaging service@post.xero.comautomatically.

Inbox enhancement: attachment flag

Some emails in your Ocerra inbox do not have attachments. An attachment icon has been added to indicate if there was an attachment in the email or not. If there is an attachment, it will be automatically fed through your Invoices List in Ocerra. If there was no attachment, you can still view the email in the Ocerra inbox.

The in-progress list has been added to the Export page

An export process often depends on how fast your system responds to Ocerra’s request to publish invoices. You may see that the Export button may freeze during the bulk export; it happens because our system is waiting on your system to respond to the export request. Therefore, we have added a progress table showing the progress of each invoice being created in your system.

Splitting invoice lines feature

You may need to split an invoice line into separate cost centers, subaccounts, branches, or projects. In Ocerra, there is an option to add a new line manually and fill out the details and correct the total amount. However, with a split line feature, this can be done more easily.

Enhancing the Microsoft Odata interface

Invoice lines have been added to Odata for reporting purposes.

If you are not using the Odata interface yet to connect Ocerra with Excel or your favorite BI tool like Microsoft Power BI, we’d highly recommend checking it out. This is a great functionality that can be plugged in and used to monitor your Ocerra data in real time.

Delete lines “save” pop up has been added

Invoice lines can be deleted in Ocerra, but it requires to click “save” first to ensure you are deleting the correct line. If the delete checkbox is ticked but not saved and you are moving to the next invoice, you will see a pop-up message saying that you have unsaved changes.

See how the delete lines feature works here. Need to delete all the lines automatically? Just use the Clean feature, and it will sum it up for you into one line with the correct net amount.

Xero integration

Ocerra won’t export invoices that have been paid in your system. We have enhanced a warning message for this use case that you should now see in the invoice export notes.

(!) As we are working on integrating with the Xero app store, the system will require to re-connect from time to time using one-click button “Connect to Xero”. This will be rectified once the process is completed.

MYOB AccountRight

In MYOB ARL, you can enter duplicated bills or suppliers without warning. In Ocerra, we now check for these duplicates and show a warning message on the export page to help you identify any issues beforehand.

MYOB Advanced

With recent MYOB Advanced version updates, we are working hard to ensure that our integration features are compatible with older and newer versions.

Purchase Order Closing line flag (in progress)

Currently, it doesn’t work on some versions. As a result, Purchase Order won’t move to Closed status automatically. PO needs to be closed manually if you are using Closed PO status in MYOB Advanced for reporting purposes. We’ll send out an update as soon as this feature is available on all versions.

Link to the PO in MYOB

The beautify of Ocerra is that you can compare Invoice Lines with Purchase Order lines and Receipted information all in one place before invoice is approved for payment.

In some cases you may need to quickly open up the PO in your system, and for this we have added a quick link to the PO in MYOB:

Subaccounts on POs

Previously, subaccounts including accrual subaccounts had to be added manually on the invoice lines. We are now bringing it automatically along with the PO Account, Tax, Inventory, Branch, Projects/Tasks and UOM. You can learn more about PO matching process with MYOB Advanced here.

This is a great article to learn more about the benefits of three-way and two-way matching when using accounts payable automation software like Ocerra.

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