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Reduce double-handling of AP invoices: code projects, sub-accounts, item codes and more

Ocerra AP Automation | Jobs and Sub-accounts

We are excited to announce that Ocerra can now handle various data entry scenarios for accounts payables automation.

Ocerra does AI data extraction from the supplier invoice and allows to code all the necessary attributes to prepare invoices for payment.

After the invoice is published from Ocerra to your system, you don’t have to do any additional coding. It is ready for payment or approval.

At Ocerra, we have achieved it in two ways that can be used in combination or individually.

New: User-defined columns

You can configure up to 5 custom columns to manually code data on the line-by-line level.

For example, it can be job/projects, sub-accounts or tracking categories. Every business is unique, and it will help you to analyse data more granularly.

We’ll be enhancing this feature for further automation, but it does remove the double handling now.

Current: Coding using Purchase Order

Often, Purchase Order is a single source of truth. For this, we sync Purchase Orders from your system and use coding data from this document. So that when you publish an AP invoice matched with PO from Ocerra, it will code data from the PO for you.

For example, if the PO has different GL codes on the lines, it will update GL codes in Ocerra when matched. If not, GL codes are coded from the supplier settings.

GL codes, Projects or Sub-accounts can be coded from the purchase order match automatically.

Item codes

Account (GL Codes) can default from Item Codes if used and only required columns can be set up for you, e.g.:

Ocerra has a fantastic data extraction engine, and on top of it is helps you to code data required by your finance team.

Ocerra is a highly configurable and flexible system, and it takes days to set-up. Our team does all the set-up for you and offers customized onboarding to suit your business needs.

Send us your sample invoices and will show how Ocerra extracts data for you.

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