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Ocerra Product Update: enhanced PO match, new search filters and more

In this article, you will learn what is new and what is coming to Ocerra. Plus, we add some new videos and tips to every update; check at the end!

Purchase Order line match improvements

Ocerra extends your accounting or ERP system by syncing Purchase Orders so that you can match them with your invoices in Oecrra.

Ocerra shows matched and unmatched lines when manually adding PO lines to the invoice:

Auto-detecting PO number without PO prefix

Ocerra automatically finds the PO number from the header of the invoice if it has an exact match. For example, PO on the invoice is 0001 and PO in your system is 0001. It can now be trained and auto-detect PO numbers without the PO prefix on the invoice:

Alternatively, the PO number can be added using a reverse search click.

New search filters

Search invoices by subaccount (myob erp), job (accountright) or tracking categories (xero) have been added to Invoices and Approval lists:

In Xero connection, we have also added search Paid invoices to the Export page.

Attaching Emails

Ocerra allows attaching supporting documents to your supplier invoices. These documents can be exported to your system with the original invoice or stay in Ocerra for approval.

You can now upload or simply drag and drop an MSG file from your email clients.

What is coming?

There are a number of new features and enhancements that we are working on. Here are a few ones coming soon to Ocerra.

Anomaly detection

Based on the previous historical data, Ocerra can detect unusual supplier behaviour and flag invoices so you can take a closer look.

For example, a supplier sends an invoice on an unusual date with different terms or amounts.

Listing approver names next to the invoice

Ocerra allows viewing assigned approvers or pre-approves by checking the workflow log on each invoice. Approvers that are holding submitted invoices will be shown in one list so you can quickly check it out with them or re-assign an approver.

Tips & Tricks

New video tutorial

Learn how to quickly add any invoice text to the description without typing it in:

Unique URLs

Each invoice in Ocerra has a unique URL;

Copy it to share with your team or our support so we can quickly open the document and help you with training or any other questions you may have.

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