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Ocerra Integrations: out-of-the-box, Open API and OData

The objective of AP automation software is to help businesses automate the entire accounts payable process. From capturing to posting invoices to your ERP or accounting software, to allow end-to-end invoice automation.

At Ocerra, we offer out-of-the-box integrations as well as an efficient API integration support so that you can achieve a high degree of automation with any other accounting or ERP software.

Out-of-the-box for Accounting and ERP

In Ocerra, we packaged all key functionality in an easy-to-use interface for most popular accounting systems in our region: MYOB Advanced, Xero and Account Right.

Out of the box integration does not require any coding skills. It can be configured following our instructions from the knowledgebase.

Ocerra also provides support for other integrations than those mentioned above through open API support.

Open API for Custom Integrations

How does Open API make us different? Open API allows many developers to write their own integrations and expand the software.

In Ocerra, we follow API First approach. Everything that we do on our UI, can be achieved using the API: upload new invoices, enhance data extraction, annotate documents, and write custom integrations.

Ocerra is a missing piece of the puzzle in your Accounts Payable process. Using the Open API and our proven knowledge in multiple ERP integrations, we can assist you with the most challenging tasks. Open API is not limited to a single language or framework and can be embedded in many systems from Java to .NET, from Python to PHP.

In addition, we also share code for some of our integration under MIT licence on our GitHub:

Using OData with Ocerra for Business Analysis

OData is a de-facto standard for many business analysis tools (BI). Using OData connector for Ocerra, you are no longer limited to a pre-defined dashboard. All Invoices, workflows and related data are available out of the box, just connect it using your favourite BI tool: Power Bi, Tableau, or many others. If you are managing multiple companies, we also support summary dashboards. This allows you to see your payables across numerous companies and branches.

Have questions? Contact us today.

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