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Ocerra product update & news

Ocerra AP product update and news

Ocerra AP automation product update and news

In this product update, we will introduce new features and enhancements we have added to Ocerra over the past few months. Additionally, we will provide a glimpse into what's coming up in the next couple of months.

Our product updates are split into different areas of the Ocerra solution so you can quickly learn where the new releases and enhancements have been added.

Approval workflow enhancements

Ocerra allows the creation of multiple workflows for various business scenarios. Often, one workflow is more than enough to manage a multi-level approval process and apply different business rules.

However, if you have more than three workflows, you may need to quickly change the workflow on the invoice depending on the circumstances. Ocerra now allows selecting a different workflow on the invoice giving more flexibility for your unique approval requirements.

Flexible workflows in Ocerra AP automation

Effortless auto-approval for matched invoices with POs and receipts

Ocerra matches invoices with PO automatically, including line-level details and already has a functionality to auto-approve such invoices.

To further automate this process, we have now added an option to check receipted information. So you can only review and approve exceptions.

If you are using receipts or just POs in your system, check out these features to enhance efficiency and reduce manual intervention.

Statements enhancement

The statement folder acts as a centralised repository for storing all received vendor statements. This makes it easy to access, organise, and retrieve statements whenever needed without searching through emails or physical files.

Ocerra's statement list has been enhanced to allow a quick statement preview, along with the total amount, supplier name or any internal notes for the document.

Automate statement management

Invoices list addition

The invoices list can be adjusted to your needs, and often we are adding new options upon request, as we want you to have control over how you view your invoices.

With this latest update, you can now adjust the number of invoices displayed per page on the invoices list. Whether you prefer a concise view or want to see more details at once, simply choose from 20, 40, 60, or 100 items per page.

PO Info Lookup in the Data Extracted Page

We know how vital Purchase Order (PO) information is for your invoicing process. With this new addition, you can now easily access and review PO details directly from the data extracted page:

Purchase Order automation

New features in MYOB Advanced integration

Ocerra integrates seamlessly with MYOB Advanced and allows the creation of a new bill automatically. Also, we understand that an ERP system allows comprehensive information for each invoice. That's why we have added two new parameters in the integration settings: Managing Description and Notes.

These settings allow you to automate or customise what goes to the MYOB AP bill Description and Notes from Ocerra:

AP automation for MYOB Advanced

This addition allows for better communication and clarity within your team, streamlining the entire invoicing process. For example, you can add a Description field in Ocerra to add additional information to MYOB or choose to automate it with the approver name.

Same as with Notes, both fields are now available in Ocerra.

Learn more: Enabling Description and Notes in Ocerra.

Upcoming features

Here are new features coming up soon...

Remembering the coding

We use cutting-edge AI technology to effortlessly capture accurate invoice details and seamlessly integrate them into your system. This removes the tiring job of manually inputting complicated multi-line invoices, leading to big-time savings and improved operational efficiency.

For coding specifically, we offer many options to add it to the invoice without much effort quickly:

And, of course, using Purchase Orders - Ocerra automatically matches PO lines with Invoices lines bringing all the coding information for you.

Further automation...

We understand that remembering the coding might be handy, and therefore, we have scheduled to add this option to Ocerra, it is about 4-6 weeks away.

Bulk reminders for approval

Ocerra offers an email notification system that allows configuring email notifications for every day of the week or as it fits every approver or finance team.

Also, Ocerra provides an option to easily share an invoice online to follow up with the person who is holding an invoice. As well as adding workflow comments and team notes to identify issues and address them in a timely manner.

A new reminder feature will allow you to select all invoices that are due and send a reminder to everyone who is holding an invoice.

Bulk download selected invoices

This functionality allows you to select and download invoices into a single Zip file, it is 8-10 weeks away.

Thank you for reading this product update!

These new capabilities are just a glimpse of what's on the horizon. Our commitment to enhancing the platform means an ongoing journey to deliver an unparalleled experience tailored for you. Stay tuned for more innovations as we continuously strive to provide the utmost in excellence.

Please let us know what you would like to and have in Ocerra to streamline your processes even further, we'll add it to our roadmap.

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