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Maximise your MYOB Advanced investment with Ocerra AP automation

AP automation for MYOB Advanced

The beauty of any strong software is the ability to make tasks simple. Ocerra delivers with simplicity. The user gets familiar with what they need to do very fast." Mark, CFO at CDB Group.

Ocerra is an accounts payable automation software designed exclusively for MYOB Advanced ERP. Earlier this year, it earned recognition as the '2022 New App of the Year' from MYOB Advanced.

Since 2020, we've made a strategic decision to concentrate solely on one ERP integration, and that's MYOB Advanced. This deliberate focus allows us to provide our customers with a highly specialised solution that is finely tuned to the specific needs and intricacies of MYOB Advanced.

By aligning our software closely with MYOB Advanced, we ensure seamless compatibility, deeper integration, and a robust level of efficiency and accuracy in accounts payable processes. This dedicated approach simplifies implementation, enhances user experience, and maximises the value of your investment in MYOB Advanced when you choose Ocerra for AP automation.

Why automate AP with Ocerra?

Ocerra is a modern, AI-powered, cloud-based, intelligent invoice scanning, purchase order and approval automation solution.

By leveraging the automation capabilities of the Ocerra software, organisations can optimise accounts payable processes, streamline workflows, enhance security, and accuracy, and improve overall operational efficiency.

With its seamless integration capabilities, intuitive user interface, and real-time visibility, the software empowers organisations to make informed decisions, achieve cost savings, and foster stronger supplier relationships.

Ocerra is used by many companies, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, infrastructure and professional services. For more information, please visit our customer feedback page:

MYOB Advanced AP automation

Ocerra is a certified MYOB Advanced application and developer partner. It offers a seamless connection between the two systems. Ocerra automatically imports data from MYOB, including supplier information, expense accounts, subaccounts, projects, project tasks, branches, inventories, purchased orders and receipts*.

Invoices and credit notes are automatically exported to MYOB, including the original invoice copy, approval log and links to Purchase Orders and Receipts, if applicable.

Ocerra supports multi-branch and multi-tenant scenarios out of the box, multiple currencies, international VAT and GST calculations. In addition, it offers fraud protection functionalities, including ready-to-use audit trailing, supplier invoice detection for design and formatting variances, and verification of bank account details and tax numbers against the ERP data.

By implementing the Ocerra solution, your organisation will achieve significant cost savings, increased productivity, and improved decision-making capabilities.

*Ocerra does not import balances; only required data is imported to complete an AP invoice and export to MYOB.

Key features and benefits of Ocerra AP automation

Seamless integration with MYOB Advanced

The Ocerra software integrates effortlessly with MYOB Advanced, eliminating the need for internal technical resources for setup and ongoing support.

Increase accuracy & eliminate the typing with automated data entry

Ocerra specialises in line item data extraction. We use the latest AI and machine learning technologies to help you reduce manual data entry, increase accuracy, and expedite invoice processing.

Streamline approvals with smart workflows

Flexible workflow functionalities are designed to ensure timely approvals, eliminate bottlenecks, and increase overall efficiency.

Reduce the risk of fraudulent activities and false billing

Ocerra offers the following AP fraud protection functionalities:

  • Full visibility into the invoice approval workflow with a ready-to-use audit log available in Ocerra and also exported to MYOB Advanced.

  • Extracting & checking invoice bank details against your supplier details in your MYOB Advanced.

  • Extracting & checking invoice Tax Number (ABN, GST or VAT) and checking it against your supplier Tax Number in your MYOB Advanced.

  • Detecting changes in invoice formatting and design and flagging it as a new layout for an additional review.

  • Automated detection of invoice and purchase order duplicates.

  • Three-way matching to compare invoice with Purchase Order and Purchase Receipt information imported from your ERP system.

Enhance accuracy and compliance

Automated data capture and standardised workflows improve accuracy and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

Real-time visibility and reporting

The Ocerra software provides real-time visibility into AP processes, offering reporting functionalities for better decision-making.

Increase employee satisfaction & productivity

By reducing manual tasks, businesses can save costs associated with labour hours, improve overall productivity, and allow finance teams to grow professionally while focusing on other strategic and value-added tasks.

Improve supplier relationships

Timely invoice processing, as well as quick and easy access via one centralised system to invoices and supporting documents, will strengthen supplier relationships as well as significantly reduce the time required to follow up with suppliers and reply to their queries.

Scalability and future-proofing

Ocerra software is designed to accommodate growing business needs, ensuring long-term value and return on investment.

Return on Investment

The Ocerra AP software promises significant cost savings through reduced manual effort, improved accuracy, increased productivity and streamlined processes. Based on existing customer feedback and industry benchmarks, the average estimated annual cost savings start from 60,000.

“The Ocerra technology is very impressive; not only is it user-friendly and intuitive, but it has also delivered significant cost savings for our business. We have reduced our finance team costs by over $60,000 per year.
Additionally, Ocerra helped significantly streamline and reduce our month-end workload, freeing up an entire week for the finance team to focus on other important projects. We are happy with the Ocerra solution and highly recommend it to other businesses." - Nick Kalikajaros, CFO at GDK Group.

Overall, our customers achieve a faster ROI by cutting invoice processing costs by 50% and reducing invoice processing time by 80% within approximately two months.

Pricing & Plans

Ocerra offers a wide range of plans to suit different business needs. There are no long-term contracts or user licensing, have as many users as you need at no extra costs. Each plan offers AI-powered line item data extraction, fraud protection functionalities, approval workflows, unique email inbox, unlimited user setup and seamless integration with your MYOB system.

Get in touch: we are here to answer your questions and explore how we can help streamline your AP processes.

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