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How does AP Automation software work? Watch 5-minutes product tour now

In this video, I'm going to show how Ocerra AP automation software works.

You will learn how Ocerra can:

- Capture invoices from the email

- Auto-extract and auto-fill invoice data

- Export invoices to your financials or ERP system

You will also see how you can approve invoices. In Ocerra, you can set up:

✔ Multi-stage approval

✔  Value-based approval

✔  Auto approval

We'll record a separate video about Approval process. Watch this space.

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With Ocerra you don't have to change the entire accounts payable process. Think about Ocerra as your assistant that you can hire to reduce your workload.

We suggest starting with a single supplier. Once you are happy how it processes invoices, you can add more suppliers. All your supplier invoices will arrive in one place - your accounting or ERP system.

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