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End of year Product Update: New features and enhancements

We are excited to share the new features and improvements in Ocerra with you.

Some of the features in this article relate to the Ocerra product in general and are available for everyone. The other improvements are specific to your accounting or ERP system.

We are supporting three in-depth API integrations with MYOB Advanced, Xero and MYOB AccountRight.

New App Features

Download and view Excel and Word files from the Ocerra inbox

While Ocerra reads and extracts data from PDF documents only, you can now open and view Excel and Word files from the inbox or email tab. This allows to keep and access the history of the entire supplier email with other supporting documents. Learn more about file types in Ocerra.

Bulk archive incoming invoices to keep your dashboard clean and organised

The bulk archive allows to quickly archive multiple invoices from the Invoice list. All archived documents are available for future reference in Ocerra. Learn more about archiving here.

Store invoice statements in Ocerra for easy reference

Invoice statements can now be saved as “statements” from the Invoice page. Ocerra is smart and remembers the layout of the statement. So that the next time when you receive it again, it will automatically save it to your Statements folder. Learn more about statements here.

Approvers have an option to edit invoices or view them in read-only format

In the past, approvers could only access the approval page in read-only format. You can now select between read-only layout and full edit layout. If your approvers are coding invoices, this is a great feature for them. Learn more about approver permissions here.

Hide default dashboard widgets from approvers

Ocerra has a default dashboard that is shown across all users, including approvers. You can hide certain widgets if you prefer to keep them confidential. Keep Recent Documents as they only have links to the invoices that your approvers assigned in the workflow. Learn more about default dashboard widgets here.

Assign different people on multiple stages in the workflow builder

More logic is added to our workflow builder when assigning an employee on the invoice. You can now select multiple people at the same time or pre-set based on your approval rules, e.g., Technical Approval at step one and Financial Approval at step two. Learn more about assigned employee workflow here.

Reassign approver from the workflow pop up

You can now easily reassign an approver from the Workflow pop up on the Invoice Page. Learn more about workflow pop up here.

Enhancements for Xero integration

Apart from re-writing parts of integration to follow new Xero API rules, we have added a few essential features.

Create a new supplier in Ocerra

Previously you had to create a new supplier in Xero before matching it up with the invoice. Creating a new supplier in the accounting system is a critical process for many companies. So, therefore we made this feature optional. If you would like to create a new supplier in our system and sync it to Xero, you can now enable this option from General Settings. Learn more about creating a new supplier in Ocerra.

Sync and code tracking categories in Ocerra

In Xero, you can set up tracking categories to see how different areas of your business are performing. When you record a supplier invoice in Xero, you can code, for example, various locations, cost centres or departments on the line level. You can now do it in Ocerra too.

Enhancements for MYOB AccountRight integration

In short, we have nailed MYOB ARL integration in full this year. Learn more about Ocerra and MYOB AccountRight integration here.

We have also become a certified MYOB AccountRight partner, and you can find us on the MYOB marketplace.

Enhancements for MYOB Advanced integration

MYOB Advanced is our widely used integration as we are the only solution that is offering in-depth integration with this ERP on the market. Our integration allows effortless connection and configuration with your MYOB Advanced settings.

Tax Categories and Tax Zones

There are multiple ways of how this can be set up in MYOB Advanced. Ocerra follows your unique set-up rules to ensure invoices are flowing with correct tax line calculations. No complex configuration is required on the Ocerra side for the end-user. It does all the calculations for you.

Manage different branches & entities from one Ocerra account

We added an option of consolidated branch management to Ocerra. Just using one Ocerra inbox and one connection to MYOB, you can select either entity or branch on the header level of the invoice to post to the correct branch in MYOB. Learn more about consolidated branches here.

Project Tasks and default Cost Codes

Project tasks can be now configured in Ocerra; it must be used along with a Project as there is a dependency between the two. If you have a cost code, you can set up a default cost code in MYOB integration settings in Ocerra. Learn more about using Projects and project tasks.

Thanks to your feedback and support in 2021, it was undoubtedly a big year for all of us. We look forward to seeing you prosper and achieve more successes in 2022.

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