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Streamline Accounts Payable with Ocerra AP for MYOB AccountRight

AP automation for MYOB Account Right

Ocerra is a modern, AI-powered, cloud-based invoice, approval and purchase order automation solution. In this article, you will learn about the key features and benefits of the solutions and how the integration works with MYOB AccountRight.

Key benefits of AP automation

Efficiency and Productivity: AP automation software streamlines processes, reducing manual data entry and approval times, leading to increased productivity and faster invoice processing.

Accuracy: Automated line item data extraction ensures precise data capture, minimising errors and reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Financial Security: Fraud protection functionalities, including audit trails and supplier validation, safeguard your organisation against fraudulent activities, protecting your finances and reputation.

Smart Approvals: Intelligent approval workflows ensure that invoices are routed to the right individuals for review, improving compliance and reducing bottlenecks.

Optimised Purchase Order Management: The Purchase Order component streamlines procurement processes, improving control and visibility over purchasing activities, reducing costs, and enhancing supplier relationships."

With its seamless integration, automated line-item data extraction, smart approvals, reporting, and purchase orders, the Ocerra software empowers organisations to enhance efficiency, make informed decisions, achieve cost savings, and nurture stronger supplier relationships.

Ocerra is easy to navigate and use, and it saves so much time. I like that we can export all in one batch and don’t have to write a lengthy description, it is already there. Some invoices might take up to 10–15 minutes to process, but with Ocerra, it is instantaneous - Louise, Finance Administrator at Booster Financial Services.

AP automation for MYOB AccountRight

Ocerra is a certified MYOB AccountRight application and a developer partner.

It offers a seamless connection between the two systems and does not require complex or lengthy implementation steps.

Ocerra seamlessly imports data from MYOB, including suppliers, GL accounts, tax rates, currencies, jobs, items, categories and purchase orders. As well as it offers a standalone, easy-to-use Purchase Order (PO) component.

PO and non-PO invoices are automatically exported to MYOB, including the original invoice copy and approval log. Ocerra processes invoices and credit notes and provides the approval status in the comment box: Ocerra - Approved: e.g.:

AP automation for MYOB AccountRight

Purchase Orders created in MYOB are imported to Ocerra and automatically matched with bills for two-way matching.

During export, Ocerra converts the PO into a bill for you and provides the details on the invoices for your reference.

The system supports multiple currencies, international VAT and GST calculations.

In addition, it offers fraud protection functionalities, including PO features, ready-to-use audit logs, supplier, bank accounts and tax numbers checks.

Ocerra AP automation for MYOB AccountRight is a user-friendly and reasonably priced solution with many benefits and features to enhance your accounts payable processes, streamline workflow efficiency, and strengthen financial security.

Return on Investment

The Ocerra AP software promises significant cost savings through reduced manual effort, improved accuracy, increased productivity and streamlined processes. Based on existing customer feedback and industry benchmarks, the average estimated annual cost savings start from 60,000.

The Ocerra technology is very impressive; not only is it user-friendly and intuitive, but it has also delivered significant cost savings for our business. We have reduced our finance team costs by over $60,000 per year. Additionally, Ocerra helped significantly streamline and reduce our month-end workload, freeing up an entire week for the finance team to focus on other important projects. We are happy with the Ocerra solution and highly recommend it to other businesses - Nick Kalikajaros, CFO at GDK Group, Australia.

Ocerra is used by a wide range of companies, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, infrastructure and professional services. For more information, please visit our website:

By implementing the Ocerra solution, your organisation will achieve significant cost savings, increased productivity, enhanced security and accuracy, improved decision-making capabilities and improved overall operation efficiency.

Don't wait; start automating today!

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