AP Automation | For Ostendo Job Costing Software

Want to protect your cashflow and reduce manual invoice processing time up to 70%? Automate your Accounts Payable with Ocerra and Ostendo software integration.

Benefits of AP automation

  • Reduce manual invoice processing time up to 70%

  • Forget about entry errors and approval bottlenecks

  • Unlock valuable cashflow insights and improve the financial health of your business

  • Build strong relationships with suppliers by preventing late payments

  • Eliminate paper trail for good, no more printing and storing paper files

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“We use Ocerra daily, and we love it. It saves so much time! All the invoice approval issues that we had are gone. Follow up is clear and easy. There is no need to print out a creditor invoice and manually key it in, then physically scan everything and send it off to Australia. It is instantaneous now!”

Janette, financial controller at Goldair, Australia